8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers featured on Kidz Activities

8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers

Kidz Activities shares 8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers. Here you will find fun and educational Easter themed games, sticking/pasting Easter crafts, Easter printables and Easter bonnet decorating … [Read More...]

Kids Party Ideas

Disney Cars birthday party

Disney Cars Birthday Party Food Labels – Free Printable

Due to the popularity of our Disney Cars Birthday Party on a Budget article a few years back, we are uploading free food label printables so you  can recreate your own Disney Cars buffet spread … [Read More...]

Kids Craft

Easter egg printable by Kidz Activities

Easter Egg Printable

Get this free Easter egg printable to keep your kids busy at home. You can print them and use them for coloring. Or you could do a cutting and sticking activity, which is what I did with my 3-year … [Read More...]

Kids Play

Rainbow activities for kids by Kidz Activities

20+ Rainbow Activities for Kids

This week, kids will discover, create, learn and explore the magic and colors of the RAINBOW! Kidz Activities has scoured the Internet to find you Rainbow activities for kids to do at home. There are … [Read More...]

Easter Linkup

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Easter Crafts and Games for Kids

Easter is a time to celebrate NEW LIFE! Get the kids excited to celebrate through various Easter crafts and games! … [Read More...]

Kids Food Ideas

Quick and Easy Banana Bread Recipe by Kidz Activities

Quick and Easy Banana Bread Recipe

I make this quick and easy banana bread recipe at least once a week in our home. The kids love them! They eat them for breakfast, afternoon snack or sometimes pack some in their lunchbox for school. When the kids are home, they love to help make it. The prep work only involves mashing up […]


Sandwich Free Lunch Box Ideas

Most kids will probably survive with ham and cheese sandwiches every single day they go to school. But as a mum, I prefer to give them a wide variety of lunches. Not only does this make school lunch more interesting, but it also ensures the kids get the nutrients they need from different food sources. So Kidz […]

Quick and easy fried rice for the lunch box by Kidz Activities

Quick and easy fried rice

I am not a chef. I am simply a mom who tries to save time and money, and at the same time, avoid food waste. So for my kids’ lunches, I try to make use of whatever is leftover for dinner. And quite often, I make a quick and easy fried rice for the kids’ lunch […]