• Ballerina Craft for Preschoolers
  • Letter B Bear Craft
  • Apple Crafts for Preschool
  • A is for Airplane Craft
  • Super Moist Chocolate Brownies

Kids Craft

ballerina craft for preschoolers - letter b craft with free printable by Kidz Activities

Ballerina Craft for Preschoolers

We are making a beautiful ballerina craft for preschoolers today! Get the step-by-step instructions below. And because we are also learning and making a letter B bear craft this week, the kids decided … [Read More...]

letter B bear craft with free printable by Kidz Activities

Letter B Bear Craft

We are learning the letter B this week. And to supplement this learning, we are making a Letter B Bear Craft. This is an easy craft that even toddlers can do. It exercises fine motor skills, … [Read More...]

Kids Party Ideas

Disney Cars birthday party

Disney Cars Birthday Party Food Labels – Free Printable

Due to the popularity of our Disney Cars Birthday Party on a Budget article a few years back, we are uploading free food label printables so you  can recreate your own Disney Cars buffet spread … [Read More...]

Biscuit decorating - Frozen themed birthday by Kidz Activities

Biscuit Decorating for a Frozen Party

Biscuit decorating is an extremely easy and fun way to keep kids entertained. With just a packet of store bought biscuits, ready-made icing and various toppings for biscuit decorating, you can whip up … [Read More...]


The Benefits of Napping for toddlers and babies featured on Kidz Activities

The Benefits of Napping for Toddlers and Babies

This guest post is by Katie from Pick Any Two blog. The original version appeared there, and is re-posted here with permission.   “Can’t he just skip his nap???” I’ve always been … [Read More...]

How teachers shape kids' creative development featured on Kidz Activities

‘But I’m not artistic': how teachers shape kids’ creative development

This is a republished post by Gai Lindsay, University of Wollongong from The Conversation; the original version appeared there. Republished under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 / … [Read More...]

Kids Play

8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers featured on Kidz Activities

8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers

Kidz Activities shares 8 Easter Activities for Preschoolers. Here you will find fun and educational Easter themed games, sticking/pasting Easter crafts, Easter printables and Easter bonnet decorating … [Read More...]

Rainbow activities for kids by Kidz Activities

20+ Rainbow Activities for Kids

This week, kids will discover, create, learn and explore the magic and colors of the RAINBOW! Kidz Activities has scoured the Internet to find you Rainbow activities for kids to do at home. There are … [Read More...]

Kids Food Ideas

Super moist chocolate brownies by Kidz Activities

Super Moist Chocolate Brownies

Whenever my kids and I make these super moist chocolate brownies, we are always asked for the recipe. My kids love making this, because all it involves is mixing everything into one big bowl, pouring the batter into a pan and baking! It is very easy that my 9-year old can do most of the recipe […]

one pan chicken casserole by Kidz Activities

One Pan Chicken Casserole

As moms, we are always so busy that a quick dinner and less pots to wash will always be a godsend. So that’s why I decided to share this one pan chicken casserole recipe. It is so easy that a young child can help do the prep work! But best of all, we only used one […]

Quick and Easy Banana Bread Recipe by Kidz Activities

Quick and Easy Banana Bread Recipe

I make this quick and easy banana bread recipe at least once a week in our home. The kids love them! They eat them for breakfast, afternoon snack or sometimes pack some in their lunchbox for school. When the kids are home, they love to help make it. The prep work only involves mashing up […]